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Make a difference in the life of animals like Jynx-the-Lynx today!

A second chance for a forever home is possible with your help!

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Making a Difference for Wildlife - One Paw Print at a Time!

Jynx-the-Lynx arrived at Cat Tales Wildlife Center after we were contacted regarding his lifelong owner and bonded caregiver, Jon, who had recently passed away. A longtime friend of Jon’s who was the executor to Jynx’s care and placement, reached out to Cat Tales to find a forever home for this orphaned lynx.

Known for being a single bonded and territorial animal, this beautiful cat is marketed to buyers in the United States along with bobcat ownership. An expensive, and often times illegal, private possession of the Canada Lynx, includes a dedicated lifespan of ~20 years in captivity. These cats are predictably dangerous as they mature and will attack in protection of what they perceive to be their “person” or territory. Though legal to own in some areas they are generally classified as inherently dangerous wild animals. Their razor sharp teeth and hooked claws can cause instant severe harm.

We take pride in the Wildlife Center mission of community based educational programs with expanding and inspirational opportunities for volunteers and higher education students, while providing forever homes for exotic animals and wildlife in need, and spreading awareness for our cause.